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A brisk fall morning; the robotics team arrived at the community center in desperate need of caffeinated beverages. Surrounded by walls lined with donated raking implements we gathered into raking teams and received our assignments. After a short drive almost out to Cape Elizabeth, we began raking elderly persons yards while Bob Libby took pictures of us. Soon large paper bags stuffed with tree detritus lined the road. Luckily several leaf blowers were on hand to help. On to other houses we went and people began throwing said stuffed paper bags down a rather large hill, and consequently made much more work than was strictly necessary. From grateful senior citizens we received, apart from the much appreciated "Thank You"s, some miniature Almond Joys, Doughnuts, and Sprite (which quickly disappeared as we were all very thirsty and had neglected to bring water). We walked up the hill, in enormous gang style, back to our vehicles, having raked a total of 10 yards (100,000 square feet, roughly 2.3 Acres). We looked forward to a good meal and a rest, not to mention coming back next year.

2014 Game Summary