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A Robot Haiku
by: Emma Dalton

For reading pleasure
I have composed a set
Of great haiku

Robotics meeting
Commenced at 5 o'clock when
Jon reeled us in

Attributes discussed
And rated from one to three
Plenty of "ones"

Ground ball collector
And reliable 1 pointer
Are both ones

The hopper capacity
Is priority

Same idea with
Bumpers and the ball skirt
For the robot

3 Point shooter
Agreed as ranking a 2
We will try

Top loader
Will be attempted on bot
If it happens

Now technology
The 'nutsy-boltsy' stuff for

New drive train
Proposed by Jim Milan who
Lost sleep last night

The C.I.M.s
2 big ones with traction wheels
Normal others

This eliminates
Need for torque drive and frees up
2 CIMs for other

Now the shooter
Many ideas discussed now
Many more will come

I shall see you
In the robotics building
Tomorrow night





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