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 Reaching out to the Community

When students share their appreciation of science and technology with their community everyone benefits.  The South Portland Riot Crew visits the Children's Museum of Maine every year to demonstrate our robot to the kids.  Even young children can grasp physics concepts and have fun at the same time.  Our students gain pride by displaying their hard work and ingenuity.  They become mentors themselves.

Our students also attend the Maine State Science fair where we have a booth and show our robot to high school students across the state.  We take time to see the interesting displays that our peers have spent hours creating.  Many important ideas are represented and we consider how these concepts might help us build a better robot for the next year.  It is a great thing to share the event with the math and science professionals of tomorrow. 

We take our road trip to the general public once a year, too.  The students and mentors demonstrate the robot at the Maine Mall.  Shoppers young and old take an interest in our work and stop by to ask questions and give their support.

To find our talent for the coming years, we visit the middle schools to explain FIRST and the South Portland Robotics Club.  It is often easily apparent who will join us in the future.  It is an "easy sell" to inspire scientifically minded students to join us to master skills that will enrich their lives forever.

The six week build cycle leaves little time to expand outside the workshop.  Taking time to reach out to our community with demonstrations strengthens our self esteem and reminds us how fun robotics can be.

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