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Bottles to Bots

The Robotics team held their first bottle drive of the season last Saturday. It was a beautiful day for such adventure. With 14 vehicles and 28 students canvassing the city the pile of bottles quickly grew to immense proportions! The students and parents left behind to sort tried to keep up with the steadily increasing flow bottles. With Jane and Steve Martin in charge, the sorting went smoothly from the pile to the truck.

The canvassers returned to the Robotics room at 1:00 and quickly jumped in to help with the sorting. According to Alex, the pile was the height of a 10 foot spruce tree and the width of a 20 foot long monkey wrench. Slowly over the next 5 hours the pile diminished in size until we were left with flavors nobody had ever heard of. These were set aside for sorting later and the rest loaded on the truck. After a long days hard work, we had sent 3 huge truck loads to the redemption center!! This bottle drive was a tremendous success. We raised the bar for future bottle drives. The record was $2100 but we blew that away, making over $2550!!! With another bottle drive scheduled in December, we're already looking to raise the bar even higher.

This just in..... The final total for the bottle drive is $3014.00. Way to go Riotcrew!!! Many thanks to all the parents, teachers and alumni that helped.




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