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The Riot Crew wins the UNH District competition

The Riot Crew returned form UNH triumphant. The team worked hard and the robot performance was spectacular. We completed the qualifying rounds with a record of 7 - 4 - 1 and were in 8th place in the standings. The Riot Crew were selected 3rd in the alliance selection by Windham Windup. Team 4555, Sprocketology from Showhegan High School was selected to complete the 3 team alliance.

We swept through the quarterfinals, 175-97 and 181-80. The semifinals were very tough however. The opposing alliance came storming back to tie up the round after losing the first match 201-107. The rubber match had to be played 3 times due to field faults. Finally the semis were over and The Riot Crew was moving on to the finals.

The finals were against an alliance comprised of teams 178 - Aces High, 131 - CHAOS and 3497 - The RoboRangers. Aces High and CHAOS were the #1 and #3 seeds and the RoboRangers were selected for their defense abilities. It seemed like an insurmoutable alliance to face, especially when we lost the first match 103-46. With some hard defense and quickness they completely through our game plan into disarray. Despite that loss the alliance decided to stay with the plan and were able to put together an amazing comeback and win back to back elimination matches, 145-112 and 185-133.

The robot has a few scratches and missing bits in the Baltic birch but stood up extremely well against some intense defense, sometimes 3 on 1. Overall it was an incredible experience and the team is looking forward to the Pinetree District competition at the Colisee in Lewiston and the New England District Championship at the Agganis Center in Boston.

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